With an unparalleled attention to detail, Arshiya is a master multi-tasker. As an experienced Real Estate Administrator, her love for lists and spreadsheets is matched only by her commitment to 100% customer satisfaction.

Arshiya takes pride in effectively supporting the team to reach maximum efficiencies. If something needs scheduling, coordinating, or organizing, Arshiya is your go-to-person and she does it all with a smile. You may even get her to sing you a tune, as she is also an experienced performer with a deep love of music

She enjoys spending time with her close-knit family and is proud of her Indian culture. With a career background in childcare, Arshiya values family and knows the importance of having the right place to gather and call home. A self-professed armchair quarterback, she looks forward to kick-off on football Sundays.

Arshiya Bijlani

Listings/Marketing Director