The Incredible Benefits of Professional Staging For Your Home

A professionally staged home in the GTA

Home staging can dramatically increase the value of your home. Alongside financial considerations, buyers put offers on homes based on emotion. And your home is going to sell for more if they can imagine their new, perfect life in it.

What is home staging?

Simply put, home staging is the process of optimizing your home’s appearance and feel for potential buyers.

It is different to decorating. Decorating makes a home liveable and stylish. Staging optimizes space, light, and design trends using information about current market trends and the tastes of the potential buyers that may be interested in your home.

What home staging entails varies depending on your budget. At the lower end (or, with Team Logue Real Estate – the free end), it might mean replacing some furniture and décor with rented items and removing some clutter. At the higher end, it can entail updates to your kitchen, flooring, and/or paint job.

The Benefits of Home Staging

Sell Your Property for More

You likely have quite strong feelings about the value and layout of your home, so taking a step back and letting in an unbiased eye can be useful. This allows your home to be transformed into the type of space the average buyer for the area wants. Pushing up the perceived value of the home.

Spark the Buyers’ Imagination

When you live in a home, it’s easy to consider it yours. Your stuff is there, right where you left it. But your preferred layout might not be the layout of the average buyer’s dreams.

Home staging is designed to spark the imagination of potential buyers. Common tips include things like only filling up closets so they’re two-thirds full, since this showcases how much space the buyer will have to store their things.

By igniting their interest, they see the potential value in the home more easily.

Before Home Staging


After Home Staging

Minimizes Stress

Selling your home can be a stressful time. In fact, there’s often so much to do that the stress can be overwhelming.

With so many other things on your to-do list, it can be difficult to make time to arrange painters or to pop by your local homewares store to add to your décor.

Having a professional stage your home means you can sit back and relax while someone else transforms your home. Better still, you know you’ll get quality results.

Outshine the Competition

If you don’t stage your home, it makes staged homes even more appealing to potential buyers. In our experience, staged homes consistently sell faster (and for more) than unstaged homes.

Allow Buyers to See the True Value of Your Home

Without distractions like small stains on the rug or pulls in the couches, buyers are free to focus on all the positives of your home. In fact, staging can act as rose-coloured glasses of sorts. It can be used to minimize the disadvantages of your home while letting all the positives shine through.

For potential buyers, this more attractive viewing experience makes it memorable. In turn, buyers are more likely to place an offer on the home.

Are there any drawbacks to home staging?

There are two potential drawbacks of home staging:

Don’t take it personally

The first is that homeowners do sometimes take it personally.

We assure you that there’s no need.

If we replace furniture with something else, it’s not to say that your furniture is unsightly or inferior. The only statement we’re making is that your likely potential buyers will find another option more appealing and less distracting.

It can be inconvenient

You will need to adjust your daily routine for a short period while your home is staged. Not having your furniture arranged the way you like it might make you feel more like you’re in a stranger’s home.

During this time, it’s important to keep your eyes on the prize: selling your home quickly for the highest possible price.


Before Home Staging


After Home Staging

Home Staging by Team Logue

Team Logue believes each seller deserves the advantages that home staging offers. We have an Accredited Staging Professional on staff to ensure all Logue listings reach their full potential.

If you’re sold on the benefits of home staging and want to know more about what we might do, you can read our top 5 staging tips here.

How much does home staging cost?

With other providers, the sky really is the limit. With Team Logue, we offer staging consultations, use of furniture and home décor, and delivery to all our sellers for free.

That’s right. Free!

Our staging services include:

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Action Plan with recommendations and suggestions
  • Home staging management
  • Artwork and accessories
  • Decluttering and cleaning arrangements
  • Paint colour advice
  • Lighting analysis
  • Dressing the home
  • Depersonalizing your home.

Get in touch with Team Logue to sell your Burlington-Hamilton or Oakville home.