Cooking With Team Logue – Drop Dead Meatballs & Spaghetti

(Video Transcription)

Hey! Sarah and Chris here. We’re in our kitchen living our best quarantine life and with the love of my life who treats my stomach well during this quarantine time and he’s gonna make us his famous meatballs. Cheers Christopher Logue. Thanks for being the chef to the house.

No problem.

We’re gonna make some spicy meatballs we got rustic sourdough. Take off the crust at your beautiful low carb, low fat cream, soften up let it sit for a few minutes and then you start adding all your ingredients. You got some fresh minced turkey, sirloin beef, some nice Prosciutto chopped up and some garlic sausage.

Now that’s the bowl.

First will be the cheese pop right in there some cheesy flavorness. you put about half of this in here. That’s an Italian parsley throw that in there some salt and pepper about a teaspoon in each. A few grinds pepper. and a couple of eggs that were then beaten. I don’t have any parsley because of the pandemic that we’re in so I had some basil so I just chopped that up. My girlfriend will be mad at me for doing that but that’s okay. Then last but not least the sourdoughs was sitting in the table cream. So I washed my hands 500 times today make it 501, quick rinse and then we’re gonna mush these bad boys together and make some meatballs. These are my favourite meatballs.

Yes, good answer.

How many meatballs does this make?

This will make about 15-18 size of like a tennis ball or smaller and they’re very tasty. So if I’m not forgetting anything I’m just gonna make one or two right now and then go over to the soft homemade sauce we’re gonna make a little cheating from long those basic spaghetti sauce a little add some ingredients to it. Okay so make a ball about that size a bunch of those you take about 35 to 45 minutes in the oven. Okay come over here everything is ready to go we’re just gonna do a little base some butter some garlic there add to the sauce again these are low carb low fat meatballs. Take blob of butter that going in there put some garlic in but make sure it’s on low heat so you don’t burn it. Okay it’s just gonna take a few minutes. That is doing that early preheat the oven cook the meatballs around 350 to 400. 375 is pretty good.

Okay so what happens just basil sauce you would wait a little but no big deal and then all tastes pretty good. So I put in the sauce I got a basil one yeah because you’re not going out or smooching anybody else today we’ll throw in a jar of garlic. The wife likes lots of sauce so let’s brew some that up. I usually hit it with a bit of lemon get rid all that little juice in there both cans. Whisk fast okay just put a little water with them rinse rinse, throw that in there as well and then I throw in some chopped tomatoes they’re nice to have on your plate. That’s gonna cook down for about 15-20 minutes we’ll cook the meatballs. I also throw in a bit of honey and then some more salt and pepper you see it turns up pretty good.

It doesn’t take that long to do do the whole thing. 45 minutes when you’re prepping and all that kind of jazz and go longer or shorter depends if your wife’s home from work you make dinner at eight and she gets home at midnight you can just reheat it warm enough so that’s gonna cook and then take the meatballs put them in the oven for say 40 minutes then we’ll take them out let them sit in the sauce for 50 minutes and then we’ll add some fresh Parmesan cheese and we’ll do some spaghetti noodles tonight.

Okay so it’s been a few minutes we’re all done now the noodles are done no no the new noodles. I forgot salt in my water so it’s this little flavor. The meatballs are done they took 40 minutes in the oven I’m into the the sauce which thickened up over the last 40 minutes so that worked out well. That’s two meatballs in which is usually enough. I’m gonna add some sauce on top one little tomato which is nice once they’ve cooked down they’re actually pretty tasty and I just put a little sauce on top garnish that nut with the lime but with a little bit of Parmesan cheese and the plates were in the oven so nice and warm so you won’t have a cold plate.

So there you go meatballs, spaghetti noodles from Team Logue. You all stay safe in the next few weeks then we get out of this mess and if you need me to come over and cook a nice fresh meal your new house I’ll be more than happy.

All the best and good luck.