Cooking with Team Logue Episode 6 – Scarlett’s Mushroom Risotto

(Video Transcription)

Scarlett Strati here with Team Logue I’d like to welcome you to the Strati kitchen. Today we will be cooking for you some Italian gourmet mushroom risotto. So we start us off with our ingredients, we’ve got some olive oil some portobello mushrooms, shallots, rice, a homemade chicken broth and my mom would be very proud of, white wine, butter, chives, parmasen, salt and pepper and just a few sips of red wine for myself.

So we’ll start by grabbing the chicken broth and just simmering it on a really low heat for a few minutes and then on the side here what we’ll do is we will start with couple tablespoons of olive oil and then we’ll add our mushrooms into that. Okay so just a rough estimate we will add and then we’ll add our mushrooms in there got about two packs of each at 11 ounces in here just folks on the side and then we’ve got our chicken broth which is slowly simmering away just put my shallot and rice over here. That’ll be our next and don’t forget the wine, white wine. As my husband would say if the white wine isn’t good enough to drink it’s not good to cook with. Any wine of your choice.

Okay everyone so these mushrooms are looking just the way we want them to nice and juicy what we’re going to do now and the lower this heat to start we’re actually going to place these mushrooms in a separate bowl. We’re gonna let them sit.

Okay so now our next step will be another little splash of olive oil so we’re just gonna splash a little bit more and what we’re gonna do is brush, we’re going to add our shallots, okay put that up on a little bit of higher heat again. I’m gonna mix the shallots so they get a little bit brown, that smell. So our next step I’m going to do is we’re actually going to pour the rice into the pot and mix it up so let’s do that now. I’m just mixing, what I want to do is I want to make sure that these turn a really nice golden brown color. So we’re just going to lower it just slightly and once I see that color then I’ll add our white wine these are a really nice golden brown color with the rice.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add our white wine. Wow.  Gonna keep mixing that so our next step is once this sits and simmers a little bit we’re gonna start adding in the chicken broth as the key. There is your really add a little bit in let it sort them absorb, let the rice absorb the chicken broth. So I’m going to start with that take one scoop of chicken broth we mix that all together you can really see that golden color coming too so you’ll do this for about 15 minutes or so and make sure that your rice is a nice al dente. Okay everyone so we’re on our last little bit of broth here I’m actually going to just pour the remainder in here give it a final stir.

So now our rice is really nice and al dente so the next step we’re adding our butter then our mushrooms and then just a pinch of salt and a pinch of pepper the entire time it’s on medium heat there are two options you could add chives and Parmesan as you’re cooking it sometimes kids don’t prefer the taste so you can also garnish it after the fact. So you just want to see all the juice simmer away before you add the mushrooms and the butter because they have their own juice.

Okay you can see that slowly deep the liquid is evaporating and we’ll be ready to add in our butter and then our mushrooms can already see the way the rice has has grown. Looks like there’s not that much and then they end up having a really nice portion at the end and and just so you know we are eating for feeding four, I would say kids, but they eat like adult. Just gonna let that melt away and now we’re going to add in our sauteed mushrooms and for those of you who don’t care for mushrooms, I know not everybody loves them you can also substitute them with asparagus if you choose to. I’m going to add a pinch of Himalayan sea salt, pinch of ground pepper we’re really gonna mix it all together.

Okay so I’m gonna set this aside and we are going to plate. We will garnish with some Parmesan cheese just a touch of that and then we’ll add our chives on top, beautiful color. There we have our beautiful Italian mushroom risotto.

Thank you so much guys for joining us!

Cheers to you and your families.

Stay safe and keep your bellies full.