Dive Into Your Local Drive-In

Team Logue | Burlington & Oakville real estate drive in theatre

The summer season is the perfect time of the year to get your kids out of the house and moving. Whether you’ve tried hiking, biking, or going for a swim at the local pool, it is always good to have your kids enjoying some well-deserved fresh air.

Unfortunately, not all days allow for outdoor activities during the daytime; whether the weather doesn’t permit, or timing is off. A great way to get your kids, and yourself, out of the house is to take them to a drive-in movie.

Although late in the evening, drive-ins can be fun and enjoyable as they allow you and your family to recline back and enjoy multiple films for the price of one. Take your favorite treats, have your kids wear their favorite pajamas and take some pillows and blankets from home – make the back seat of your car a comfy zone for all to enjoy.

If you’re from the local Burlington-Hamilton area, check out 5 Drive-In, in Oakville, or Starlite Drive-In, on the Stoney Creek Mountain.