Out for a Spin

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It’s time to dust off that old bike of yours hidden at the back of your garage, you know the one that’s been rusting away over the winter? Yeah, that one.

No matter the age of your children, everyone loves a simple bike ride around the block, to the local park, or down by the pier. So saddle the kids up onto their bikes and take them out for some fresh air.

What’s great about a good-old- fashion bike ride is that it is easy, cheap, and always enjoyable. Getting you out of the house, your legs moving, and adrenaline rushing are all great outcomes of tuning up that old bike and taking the kids out for a ride.

If you have tiny toddlers consider investing in a bike seat for the back of your bike, or even a carriage to latch onto your wheel.

With older kids in tow, consider investing in a bike rack for your car and taking the kids to a provincial park for a more adventurous ride, or even out of down to cottage country.

No matter the adventure you choose, the age of your children, or how long it’s been since you’ve road your bike, a bike ride is always well enjoyed.