Selecting Paint Colours For Your Home | Starbucks With Sarah

[Video Transcription]

Morning, Sarah here. I’m at Colour Land, Benjamin Moore where Peter the owner is offering 20% off to our clients using the keywords, ‘Team Logue’. The best thing to come to this store for is, Peter, his great expert advice on how colours work for flooring, cabinetry and more. Hello, I’m Peter from Colour Land Paint a family owned business for 18 years. Good morning, Sarah here with our morning Starbucks, I’m joined by Peter at ColourLand. Thank you for having us in. You’re welcome, Sarah.

I really appreciate it, we’ve got a ton of questions every time Benjamin Moore launches the colour of the year. All our client’s call and say, “Sarah should we go with the colour of the year?” I’m really true especially that we have you guys so entrenched in our community that people come in and get the expertise advice that you offer, I know our clients love coming in and learning, what the best colour is that’s going to match for their space in their home. And you do a great job coaching people on that front. We know what colour of the year is, Metropolitan. Very cool colour, it’s challenges as you said to me is that it’s a gray.

It is a gray and in these days there are grays that have a predominant tones and there are, I think what people are looking for these days are grays that look neutral with their fixed elements. The worst thing that you can do is just put the colour of the year on the wall without even checking it with your fixed elements because you’ll be surprised at the end of the day especially with if you have a lot of natural sunlight it’ll look blue’y or green’y. When you say fixed elements you mean hard-ways, cabintery, back splashes, items that when you sell the house, they’re not going to leave the house.

So if a client’s trying to get a neutral colour or trying to switch to that gray, what would you recommend they do? First step would be to come in to a local store like mine with pictures but better yet would be with the actual flooring or cabinet or something that shows us the true blender tones and whatever the fixed elements are. Pictures don’t really do justice because colours don’t really get transpired in true life with pictures. You sound like a colour expert. So you have a sample here of the colour and you have a number of grays that you recommend to clients. I can see what you’re trying to do here can you just give us a rundown when you talk about those colurs against the hardwood with the colour of the year versus maybe a warmer gray? Grays are a challenge. They are.

Here at ColourLand I developed a colour system of 800 colours or custom colours called graymoned colour collection. Just because with Benjamin Moore’s 3000+ colours, they didn’t have the grays people were looking for. I used my formulation techniques to create some neutral grays that work very well with today’s fixed elements in flooring. And grouped them into colour categories. In the past everyone was doing beige and everyone had traditional woods for all their trim and railings. But now the trends are everythings going more gray. You got your neutral grays, your warm grays, your ‘grayiege’, which are a combination of gray and beige and beige which is really not so popular anymore.

When it comes to picking which colour category to get into its very dependent on your fixed elements. If your flooring is very dark and subdued then you can get away with the warm grays and neutral grays, but if you do have a warm tone floor that’s when the graiege’s are very popular because you don’t want an overwhelming amount of gray in your paint because it’s going to end up looking blue.

If you’re thinking of colour of the year before you paint this colour you’re recommendation, bring in some floors, bring in some cabinetry and lets match some of your gray collection and see what works best. We know the overall return on investment can be as a high as 100% on paint. So get some good coaching before you paint your new gray. Thank you so much, Peter.