The Winter Housing Market is Hotter Than You Think!

Street scene in winter

If you think home buyers hibernate all winter and don’t come out until spring, think again. Although the winter season isn’t the most active of real estate seasons, it’s still hotter than you think, and there are plenty of benefits of putting your house on the market at this time of year. As long as you’re ready to sell, you can take full advantage of the winter season and all it has to offer.

You’ll Get Serious Buyers

Spring and summer are the perfect seasons for open houses, and with that, comes people who are ‘just looking’ to see what’s out there, or nosey neighbours who aren’t actually looking to buy. In the winter, however, you’ll get people who are serious about wanting to buy right now. Winter buyers are motivated and ready to move. Whether they need to relocate due to their job, family, or financial matters, there’s always someone looking to buy.

Don’t Wait for the Competition

Spring is notably the most active real estate season, but why wait for all the competition? Waiting for more competition isn’t a good strategy and can leave you up against houses that have a few more bells and whistles than yours. In the winter, your house will have less competition and if it becomes a hot commodity among buyers, you’ll likely receive multiple offers.

Tips on Getting Sold at Top Dollar

The other great thing about selling in winter is the buyer will have more competition, so you’re more likely to get an offer that’s close to asking price. In highly active seasons, the buyer has more options and you have higher competition, so you may not be able to sell your home at top dollar. Here are some tips to get the best price during the off-season.

  1. Curb Appeal

Winter weather can leave the front of your house looking a little messy, so make sure it looks neat and tidy when prospective home buyers come by. You also want to make sure your driveway and walkway are clear and safe for visitors at all times. Pay extra attention to snow/ice removal so no one slips or gets injured.

  1. Keep it Warm

No one wants to step into a house that’s almost as cold as it is outside. Rather than people taking their time to look around, you’ll have them heading back to the front door as fast as they can get there. If you’re not home when the realtor brings by prospective buyers, make sure your thermostat is turned up and your home feels warm and comfortable. If you have a gas fire place, even better. Make sure it’s turned on when they come through.

  1. Lighting is Everything

In the winter season, it’s not unusual to have gloomy day after gloomy day, and with the days getting dark so early, proper lighting is key. Light up the interior and exterior of your home. In the day time, make sure all the blinds and curtains are open, and at all times, make sure every light in the house is turned on. When it’s dark, your property and rooms can tend to feel a lot smaller than they are, so light it up as much as you can.

Winter is a great time to put your house on the market. Are you ready to get in the game?