Meet Mikayla, your dedicated Waterdown Real Estate Agent. Mikayla is not just a professional in the industry; she is a proud Waterdownian, who has a great understanding of and is deeply connected to the Waterdown community. After graduating from Sheridan College, Mikayla kickstarted her career as a Marketing Coordinator, gaining valuable insights into the foundations of real estate and grasping the art of effective home marketing.

Mikayla acknowledges the stress that comes with moving, regardless of the situation. That’s why she is committed to being your open ear and helping hand throughout every step of the process, ensuring a successful and seamless transition. Her innate ability to genuinely connect with people and cultivate strong relationships is evident in her approach, always accompanied by a positive attitude and a welcoming smile.

Beyond her role as a real estate professional, Mikayla is a true foodie and a coffee enthusiast, fueled by an unwavering passion for fitness. Whether she’s attending a yoga class or discovering a new favorite restaurant, you’ll likely spot her with a coffee in hand, ready to embrace the next adventure. While Mikayla is always eager to explore new horizons, she remains dedicated to deepening her roots in her hometown. Trust Mikayla to guide you through your real estate journey, bringing enthusiasm, positivity, and a genuine connection to the table, and to get you settled in your next home.

Mikayla O’Brien

Sales Representative