5 Ways to Give Yourself a Luxury Kitchen

When it comes to either building a custom home or renovating your current home, one of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. Not only is the kitchen the focal point of a home when it comes to both cooking and eating meals, but the kitchen becomes a central gathering place for entertaining friends and family. Whether cooking a meal for family or enjoying drinks and appetizers with guests, many people strive to have a beautiful, luxury kitchen that they can be proud of.

While some people might only think of appliances and high-end furnishings as ways to make a kitchen luxury, there are many other factors that can be brought into a kitchen that can make it feel luxe. We’ve highlighted five of the more unique, custom ways to give yourself the luxury kitchen of your dreams.

white luxury kitchenLuxury Kitchens: Customize To Your Needs

One of the best things about designing a luxury kitchen is the fact that you can build it to suit your needs. Not only can you customize the materials that are used to suit your style, but you can also add features that will be perfectly suited to you. If you’re a wine lover, consider installing a built-in wine fridge or wine rack, or if you love coffee, you can create a custom coffee bar. When it comes to customizing a luxury kitchen, the options are endless and are sure to make your kitchen stand out from the rest.

High-Tech Touches

Perhaps one of the best features to add to a luxury kitchen is technology. This could be as simple as building a charging station into a kitchen drawer or adding a drop-down television screen to increase your connectivity. Another great place to look if you’re wanting to add some technology to your space is your kitchen appliances and fixtures. Many refrigerators now offer smart functions such as touch screens that make keeping track of shopping lists easy. Or you could opt to add a touchless faucet to your sink to make clean-ups a breeze.

Add A Custom Backsplash

Another great way to make your kitchen truly feel luxurious is to add a custom backsplash. The ability to create a one-of-a-kind backsplash is like adding original artwork to your kitchen. For a simple statement, try utilizing a large slab of marble to create a seamless wall of tile. If you want to add some colour or more of a focal point in your kitchen, consider using custom tiles to create a unique pattern or design within the backsplash.

Bold black kitchen cabinetsBold Pops of Colour

While some people prefer a neutral, clean colour palette for their kitchen, adding some bold pops of colour can be a great way to make a kitchen feel luxe. Consider adding some colour into your backsplash or painting your kitchen island a different colour from the rest of your cabinets. You could also opt to add colour by using metal tones and accents. If you’ve got a clean, simple white kitchen palette, try adding some bold copper hardware to your cabinets, or splurging on a copper farmhouse sink to really make a statement.

Luxury kitchen with beautiful light fixturesStatement Light Fixture

Adding a bold, statement light fixture can be a great way to add a luxurious quality to your kitchen. Rather than single drop-pendants to hang over your kitchen island, try looking for a large fixture that will help fill out the space. If you’ve opted to add metallic elements throughout the room, a light fixture can be a great way to carry that theme, or if you’re looking for a unique light fixture, try looking for something that is going to stand out and be a focal point. Not only will light fixtures help to brighten up your kitchen, but they can also be great conversation starters.

Designing your dream luxury kitchen doesn’t always have to revolve around custom cabinetry or countertops. Instead, look for unique ways to add luxury to your space, while still making it one-of-a-kind to you.



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