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Benefits of a Home Pre-Inspection

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][vc_column_text]Join Sarah Logue, RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue Realty and Tim Latimer, Home Inspector as they walk you through what to check when inspecting a home. The benefits of a pre-inspection prior to putting your home on the market, or in order to purchase firm during a seller's market. Pitfalls to watch out for.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] <h2>(Video Transcription)</h2> hi everyone Sarah Logue here on behalf of Team logue and I’m joined by one of our fabulous resources GTA property inspectors Tim Latimer. How you doing? He's an amazing home inspector that we've had the pleasure of working with for years and right now I feel like I’m not seeing you enough. that's true the market is a little crazy and we're getting a lot of stress buyers that are concerned that they're having to make these bids without a home inspection without knowing what they're walking into so we've attacked this twofold thanks to you: one we're doing pre-inspections like this where we can tell our clients if there is anything to be cautious or we can tell our sellers what to repair prior to actually putting their house on the market. so what would a pre-inspection look like for a seller right now? For the seller essentially we go in it is a little difficult in winter but we do what we can we essentially go through the whole house and try to find issues that a potential buyer may have. We want to find out the age of the furnace the age of the AC, age of the roof if we can see it of course and as we go through the house we're looking for potential problems if we see something we flag it and we let people know that there's HVAC specialists, there's electricians, there's people that are going to come and actually give you a hand with the other part of that specialist. Absolutely. Right and you have such a great resource list I mean there's many times we've been standing somewhere and you're like this is a forced water heated floor and I’m like what and you're like don't worry we have somebody so it's so we always yeah we always have somebody we worked these guys over a thousand times now to the point where you just even if I had a question for them I just call ask and get you a rough idea of what's going on with the actual issue and then we can get them in here to fix it. It's just it's getting a lot easier but at the same time it is difficult with covid to come in and try to get you guys set up to buy and purchase it is nice though with the pre-inspection for our sellers we vacate the house you come in do a regular inspection and then we have that available in print PDF from you to give to any purchaser correct so it's a great advantage for me as a listing agent the person with the sign on the lawn to say don't worry agents don't worry MR/MRS buyer we can tell you exactly how old the furnace is we can tell you exactly how old the roof is so they know when they're bidding on the property. Exactly and what I’d like to tell a lot of my clients is I’m trying to mitigate those surprises that you may have we are limited in what we can do but even just going and poking your head in the attic space and telling if you do have a potential problem with mold or a potential problem with a bathroom vent fan that comes loose that maybe hasn't caused a problem yet but will in the future. Right it's one of those things where you just want to move in and be like okay I’m confident enough to know that I’m moving into this place and there's not going to be a surprise the first day that I move in yeah and as agents we don't want that surprise either on a revisit that's not that's not what we want to deal with right so taking care of that client making sure they just know what they're getting right. And that's the other piece that you do great for us so I’ll call you in a panic sometimes because I know offer presentations three days from now and I can't have a home inspection but I sneak you in yes probably the wrong word yeah we get you in for an inspection for our buyers on anything they're looking at Yes essentially what it is is it's very tough in this market so we tried to pivot to a point where you guys can give us a shout and if we do have a half an hour to an hour we can answer those big questions that you may have what what age is the furnace what age is the ac how is the roof is there any mold or a potential issue in the attic and it gives me that just at least the broad spectrum of what's going on in the house or the specific questions that your clients may have. That's amazing I love both products thank you pre-inspection and my buyer inspection we use it regularly and it just gives us a great feeling of comfort overall. So if you're questioning how to buy um without an inspection you really don't have to yeah right I’m even doing uh facetime now just for specific questions that my clients may have. Oh that's fabulous. Yeah they're just they're face timing I know it's difficult and it's just one of those things where we do what we can to keep people relatively safe in these crazy markets and people can check out your credentials and your business structure at [email protected] you can email me or it's on or ca I have both. Perfect.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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Starbucks with Sarah – Redesign or Rebuild?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=""][vc_column_text]Join Sarah Logue, RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue Realty with Kristen Ervin, Sales Representative and Trisha Ross, Designer as they discuss the options of building a home from the ground up versus redesigning an existing home. Team Logue has the partnerships to put you on the right course . . .whether it's picking a paint colour or deciding on a geo-thermal heating & cooling system, we can help![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text] <h2>(Video Transcription)</h2> Hi Sarah Logue here on behalf of Team Logue and Remax Escarpment. I'm joined by Kristen Ervin from Team Logue and Trisha Ross a local designer and executive with HummingbirdHill Construction. Ladies thank you for today. We're here to talk about build and design versus construction and re-design. Trisha has done both for us many times and Kristen is in a position where she's constantly dealing with buyers looking for premium lots or opportunities to build their custom designed house. Would you say that's an issue that's hitting you daily? Yes. People have questions, wants, needs, we're getting it from all angles. It truly is. Ok so, in neighbourhoods like this, some of our older neighbourhoods in Burlington, we're finding that people are constantly looking for the tear down opportunities or the complete rebuild opportunities, correct? So Kristen, what's the question you're getting asked regularly from our buyers? Well really they're coming and saying "I already own this beautiful property but maybe the house isn't working for me anymore" or perhaps their looking to get into a neighbourhood and do something. They're in the dilemma, "am I going to do a complete rebuild? Buy a lot? Start from scratch. Or can I work with the bones that are there, maybe even in my own house and make that work for me and what I'm really looking for." There's a lot we can talk about there and of course doing renovations, that scales from something really small, like a quick aesthetic update to a major overhaul and I think people sometimes think that one is a much more affordable option than the other. We can kind of break that down some what. So today as a starting point we would advise our clients to budget at a minimum $400/sq ft. to build a home from scratch so if we were building a 2500 sq ft home we'd be talking about a million dollars to build. Plus your lot. If we disect that further, 60% of that cost is hard construction and 40% is really about those finishes which can vary, that really brings you to a $400,000 interior finish. When you say hard construction what are you talking about? So we need to pour a foundation, we need to frame that house, we need to insulate that house, we need to put a roof on that house, we need mechanical. There's so much that will happen inside of a custom build versus starting with a home already. So if we look at renovation, at that $400/sq ft. a major renovation with a qualified team is roughly the same. Ok, major renovation we're talking pretty full scale, right, like someone comes in and says I want to re-work some walls, I'm looking at unifying flooring and updating kitchens, it gets them basically a new home from the outside walls, in. Correct. So more than just aesthetic but actually improving the function and flow of the interior by modifying that floor planning. So you could do an addition in that group as well. Yes. Fabulous, so there is the options and it's great to know that there's someone whether its a designer or an agent we work in pairing all the time to give our clients the best answers so that if you're looking at a lot is it worth rebuilding? Or tearing down and starting with something new like this? Or potentially taking the roof off and going up. Those are all options that we have now. Well, we're very happy to have your expertise on camera and your expertise for our clients. We truly appreciate it. If there is any questions on your next step, whether redesign or rebuild, please check us out at[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
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