Top Tips for Preparing Your Home for Spring

With warmer weather quickly approaching, many people are starting to take advantage of the longer days to start tackling their spring maintenance, both on their yard and their home. It’s important to make sure that your home is ready for the change of seasons, both indoors and out. This can help you avoid any issues such as leaks or floods that could arise with spring rain showers. If you’re wanting to get started on your spring home preparations but don’t quite know where to start, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve put together a list of some of the top tips for preparing your home for spring.

Cleaning gutters during spring house work

Clean Rain Gutters

When it comes to preparing your home for spring, a lot of the maintenance will be to the exterior of your home and your yard, as it will need some attention after the long winter months. It’s important to make sure that rain gutters and downspouts are clear of debris such as leaves and twigs and will allow rainwater to flow. This will help prevent floods or leaks from properly draining gutters.

Service Your Lawn Mower

After sitting in storage for the duration of the winter, it’s probably a good idea to service your lawnmower to make sure it’s in good working order for the spring and summer months. Drain and replace old oil, remove caked on mud and crass, sharpen the blades and grease any moving parts. This will help keep your lawn looking great all summer long.

Woman cleaning windows while spring cleaning

Clean Windows

Many people take advantage of the warmer spring weather to open their windows and air out their houses, but spring is also a great time to clean your windows, both inside and out. Rain and winter storms can leave your windows streaked and dirty, so taking advantage of a sunny weekend to give them a thorough clean is a great way to prepare your home for the summer.

Test Alarms

The change in seasons is a great way to remind yourself to test any alarms you might have in your home, such as smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. Some might need to have their batteries changed while others might need to be replaced altogether. Alarms can deteriorate and malfunction as the get older, so it’s good to consider replacing them if they are older.

Replacing filters in vents

Check Filters & Vents

It’s always important to have good air quality, which is why you should always check any vents or filters in your home during your spring maintenance. Consider replacing air filters and the filter above your kitchen range hood to help improve air quality. You can also use this opportunity to change filters in your water purification system too.

Tackling spring home maintenance during the early spring months is a great way to prepare your home for the warmer months ahead.



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