5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Realtor

Choosing the right real estate agent can make all the difference in your home selling or home buying journey. Your realtor is more than a salesperson. They’re your guide, coach, negotiator, confidante, and support network as you take your next big steps in the property market.

5 Tips to Ensure You Choose the Right Realtor

Here are our five tips to help you choose a professional realtor who’s qualified to help you get the most out of the market – whether you’re buying or selling.

1.      Choose an Expert

You might be tempted by realtors with low commissions or those who offer high sales prices on your homes. Trust us – these aren’t qualities you want in your realtor.

You want to choose a realtor with a track record of success. A proven expert in the real estate field. Better still if there are accolades, testimonials, awards, or consistently positive Google reviews.


Simple. Because that’s how you know you’re choosing someone who knows the market well and who knows how to set your expectations for success.

Sarah Logue - an award winning real estate agent2.      Prioritize Realtors Who Build Relationships

Team Logue welcomes every buyer and seller we work with into our community. We want you to call up and ask us where to find the best coffee or which tradesperson suits your needs – because we’re not only experts when it comes to our neighbourhoods – we all love where we live. We want you to love it too!

3.      Choose a Strong Team With A Strong Network

Two heads are always better than one. Just as a strong real estate team is the best choice for you.

The RE/MAX network is the largest real estate network in the world. As a RE/MAX agency, Team Logue benefits from access to global networks (and global clients) and unparalleled industry connections and contacts. If someone in our office doesn’t have a solution, someone in our network certainly does.

And all the resources we have are at your disposal.

Team working on marketing strategy looking at graphs on a wooden table outdoors

4.      Choose a Tech-Savvy Realtor

Properties Online reported that more than 95% of buyers searched the internet during their home buying process (in 2018). You need to choose a real estate agent who is not just technically savvy, but also well-versed with digital marketing AND who has an established online presence if you want to sell your home in 2020.

Our custom website – TeamLogue.ca – attracts (on average) 5,000-6,000 visitors each month. We beautifully display your home as a featured listing, which includes all details of your home alongside stunning photography, videos, and interactive tours. We have built-in features on our site to capture leads and obtain contact info so that we can follow up on anyone who has shown interest in your home.

5.      Demand Personalized Marketing Plans When Selling Your Home

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to marketing your home. Your ideal buyer might look very different to the person who’d buy the home next door. Your property is unique, your buyer profile is unique, and you deserve a marketing plan that takes everything that makes your home special into consideration.

Our Premium Tailored Marketing Plan includes:

  • A comparative competitor analysis
  • Professional photography
  • Home staging
  • Virtual reality and virtual tours
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Strategies for maximal exposure

Find out more about our Premium Marketing Plan here.

Here’s What You Get When You Choose Team Logue Real Estate

Team Logue wants you to ExpectMore from your realtor.

We’ve designed our inclusive services to guide you through the process far beyond your listing. We’re here to ensure you get the greatest value from your investment – with the least stress possible.

Our services add value from every angle. We’ll guide you through your deliberation process, set the stage for your home to be on display, and provide tailored advice built on our intimate knowledge of you, your wishes, and your non-negotiables.

You’ll be a valued, lifelong member of the Team Logue community.

Get in touch to find out what a difference Team Logue can make.