Home Design Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is full of unique colours, lots of natural tones and amazing home design ideas. These bright colours can be easily applied to the interior of your home when decorating for the season. Check out these home design trends we are currently seeing in the summer of 2021.

Colour Pops and Back Drops!


Since the need for online meetings came about in early 2020, one summer home design trend we see is people looking to add more to their walls. Whether a feature wall in a room or a backdrop/ accent piece, people are finding ways to decorate all four corners. People who have meetings, classes or had to film from home realized their background wasn’t as appealing or professional for some occasions. This started the background trend, which then led to everyone wanting to make their walls stand out! Home designers are adding anything from a textured feature wall to photos and other hanging décor items. As a result, this home design will create a more exciting and inviting room, whether viewed from a computer or in person.

Stone Accents


People are using eye-catching stone features to draw your eyes into a room. Stones are always an incredible natural look that can bring a great deal of personality to any space. This is another summer home design trend we are seeing. Whether it is a small accent bowl with rocks or larger pieces such as stone legs under a coffee table, they are timeless and elegant. Stone accents are also great for matching exotic colours in your home like bright yellow or pink.



Upcycling vintage pieces are on everyone’s list of things to buy! This summer home design trend is popping up everywhere and for good reason. Raw reclaimed furniture pieces are making a statement in living rooms and dining areas everywhere. Giving items such as cups, glasses, and photos a second chance makes a huge statement. The benefit of upcycling and looking for vintage pieces is that it’s ecofriendly. You also save money and time shipping while giving something another shot at completing a room. Put down the Wayfair flyer and find a unique one-of-a-kind piece from a second-hand store near you!

Blues and Calming Colours


If summer had a colour, it would most likely be blue. Blue reminds people of sunny skies, oceans and the beach. It’s no surprise people reach for those blue tones when decorating for summer. This year, the summer home design trend reflects people keeping the styles a bit calmer. How? People are reaching for light green, taupe and dusty light blues. Light colours like these allow the room to appear still big and add a bit of colour pop to your space. These colours are also calm and grounding allowing your home to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Neutral, Natural with a Dash of Colour


Neutral, natural, yet colourful is a lot easier than it looks. People are going for more of an overall neutral look. This summer home design trend is achieved with either calming colours or very neutral tones on walls accompanied by some larger pieces of furniture. When it comes to colour, pillowcases, books and décor pieces that are bright add a bit of pop to a room. To attain a natural look, furnishings and some accents comprised of natural wood are used to keep the room down to earth. The benefit of these colourful accent pieces is they can easily be changed whenever you want to switch up your interior. Neutral colours and natural details rarely have issues matching to a bright colour, making it very easy to change up the colour of your home whenever you feel. Neutral and natural also pairs well with every other season, which makes redecorating a walk in the park when autumn comes around.


2021 home design trends show that people are going for a more simplistic and natural look but still holding onto the wildly bright colours. With restrictions causing some pivots in the way we shop, it has benefitted many vintage pieces and given them a second chance at decorating a home. 2021 design trends have so far shown that balance is the main characteristic in interiors. They are reflecting earthy neutrals with bright colours and newer simplistic pieces of furniture to vintage finds. With trends like these coming out of the pandemic, your home will be more inviting than ever before!

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