The Hottest Lunch Spot In North Burlington

Good afternoon! Sarah here. We’ve traded our Starbucks for a fresh cold pressed juice at freshii. I’m here with Sim, Owner of the freshii restaurant in north Burlington.

Hello everyone! I am Sim G, franchise partner for freshii at Appleby crossing. We offer healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner please come visit us, we’re looking forward to seeing you at the store. We’ve been hearing a lot of topics about this restaurant, we see a lot of happy people coming in. It’s a pretty cool location, being in our square here. It’s a really neat take on a quick lunch, or a quick dinner, but with a great healthy vibe.

What got you interested in freshii to become its owner?

I was investing with, working with one of the banks when I started looking into freshii in 2011, ever since I’ve been following up with freshii, I am a fitness freak, I do a lot of my meal preps before coming into freshii. It’s one of the cleanest restaurants, quick meal, healthy options we have and a lot of variety. It’s not like you’re eating everyday the same thing. So we have wraps, salads, bowls, burritos, so they’re all healthy. We have rice, rice noodles, as a base or you can quinoa, which is full of protein and full of amino acids. Those are the things that when I always wanted to own something on my own when I really drilled down to, ok where would I be happy going to and where I would actually eat myself. Freshii stood out and definitely some stuff worked out and I’m here! One of the busiest intersections and I’m happy to be here in the community.

Well it’s amazing because I know January, we all jump on the get healthy wagon and it feels like you’re eating salad after salad so some of the opportunities here to try so many different things maybe that you wouldn’t try at home or buy from grocery store, it’s a great opportunity to get healthy on a great, tasty menu. We’re so excited that you are here in the north end and we’ve heard so many great things about the restaurant, we really encourage you to come out and try freshii. We love it, you can catch us here anytime having a quick lunch and Sim is a great person to ask for as our owner here, she can run you through the menu and some of the dietary restrictions.

Thanks so much!