Kid-friendly Spaces at Home. Under $100 but One Hundred Times Better!

We have all been home more this year than most, and no one has felt the impact more than our kids. Our youth have sacrificed their fair share from missed birthday parties and graduations to closed parks and schools. This month’s blog is dedicated to them; their resilience, and their adaptability. They are the bright spots in an otherwise dreary chapter. So let’s cheer them up at home with my top picks (that don’t require painting) for an effortless style boost. Because after all, the kids are alright.

Knock them out with a feature wall such as these realistic wall panels made by MURPanels and available at your local Rona. These panels are roughly 4 x 8 and start at $40/panel. That’s a style steal!

Every kid’s room is made better by a teepee. This adorable lit teepee is around $95 and will deliver right to your door, courtesy of Amazon. If you’re a hands-on DIY warrior, download teepee plans and make your own in any size that suits your child.

If you haven’t tried peel and stick wallpaper, you are missing out. This paper by Nuwallpaper, available on Amazon, starts at $60 and requires little more than your good ideas and sharp exacto knife. And the best part is that it peels off easily when you want to change the look. In addition to walls, consider the back of shelves, the face of furniture and other crafty spots that could use a makeover.

If your child’s bedroom still has an old fan or domed flush mount fixture on their ceiling, shame on you! But seriously, choose something more playful to set the light tone of their bedroom and don’t be afraid to pick something BIG for the center of the room. These options are both available on Amazon for under $100. Your local box store will also have lots to choose from. A new fixture delivers on impact while proving that personality doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Lastly, a new duvet cover and some cushions go a long way to freshen things up. My go-to’s for affordable bedding is Maison Simons and Ikea. Both offer cotton duvet sets in trendy patterns and colours starting at about $40. Contrast the duvet cover with throw blankets and pillows that are lighter or opposites on the colour wheel.

So grab a paper and pen, make a list and start shopping! Cap off your decorating wizardry with fun artwork, books and baskets for storage and surprise your awesome kids with an envy-worthy new room. And send us your pics. We’d love to see how they turn out.