Seasonal Decorating Ideas for Burlington Homes

seasonal decorating ideas Fall Decoration Adorns Beautiful Entry Way To Home.Changing seasons outside are the perfect reason to change your décor inside your Burlington home. To help you embrace the beauty of the changing seasons, we’ll guide you from Fall to Christmas with some elegant seasonal decorating ideas.

Seasonal Decorating Ideas for Fall 2019

The fall season is the best time to upgrade your Burlington or Oakville home.

Layering home accessories, experimenting with rich colours, and weaving in a variety of textures are just a few simple ways to transition your home for fall 2019.  Simple additions like festive wreaths, vintage dining room décor, warm decorative table runners, and brown plaid pillows and blankets can make a huge difference in making your Burlington home feel more Fall-like.

How you decide to decorate your home for Fall 2019 ultimately depends on your personality, likes and dislikes and the layout of your home. However, we’ve curated some timeless—with a twist of trendy—seasonal decorating ideas that can best complement any home.

seasonal decorating ideas mixed marigold wreathSeasonal Decorating Ideas: Nods to Nature

With our very best seasonal decorating ideas, you can bring the warmth and vibrancy of Fall straight from your backyard to the inside of your home.

To invent the indoor oasis of your dreams and make your home look and feel as cozy as possible, bring bits of nature inside. You can do this without making your home look tacky and scattered, as many homeowners feel about bringing nature into the home.

Keep reading to learn some ways of achieving this nature-inspired yet elegant ambiance.

Fall Wreaths

New season, new wreath. It’s time to swap out those soft summery florals with something a little more festive. Because whether it’s trick-or-treaters or dinner guests you’re greeting this season, you can always count on a seasonal wreath on the front door to set the right and stylish mood (or you can one hang one indoors!).

Some Fall wreath ideas include:

Creative Fall Centerpieces

Creative centrepiece options are also always a hit; try warming up your living room or dining area with a copper cloche or an iron basket in rose gold.

To incorporate a more earthy feel into your home—without being tacky—you can always snag some leaves, pine cones, or branches directly from your backyard and then delicately place the collective items in a crystal vase glass for display.

Use your judgement when it comes to selecting remnants from the outdoors; a withered and torn birch leaf will look much less elegant in your home than a plump red oak leaf.

After you’ve finished decorating inside, don’t forget about the outside; use these seasonal decorating ideas to perfect your front porch for Fall!

seasonal decorating ideas floral decoration with white pumpkins called baby boo and chrysanthemum flowers.Seasonal Decorating Ideas: Classy Halloween Décor for Your Burlington Home

Halloween is known as the time to have fun with home décor and be a little tacky, especially if you have kids. So, go for it!

However, if decking your house out in cobwebs, spiders and Halloween decals isn’t really your thing, or, you plan on having an adult-Halloween evening event, there are plenty of other ways to decorate your home.

Keep reading for some classy Halloween decorating ideas that are fun yet season-appropriate up until Christmas time.

White for Whimsy Appeal

Black may be timeless, but around Halloween it can feel a little ho-hum. Make your Halloween decor a breath of fresh air by going for an all-white theme instead.

One effective way of doing this is by placing small white gourds around the home. White gourds are chic, and they’ll last the whole season through. Just one white pumpkin can add so much seasonality and whimsy to any dining room or living room space. Adding white candlesticks and bouquets of white and orange gerbera daisies (orange is typically a Halloween colour but also keeps that Fall-vibe in check) can also add a ghostly yet classy feel to your home.

Use Geometry for Glamorous Jack-O-Lanterns

Instead of the standard face pattern, try simple geometric patterns with circles or squares for an unconventional Halloween twist.

Hang a Rustic Spooky Wreath from Your Door

Combine vines and sleek twisted branches to create a rustic wreath. Then, carefully place chic black bats on the wreath so that they’re just peeking out from underneath the branches. After Halloween’s over, remove the black bats from the wreath and your front door won’t need a wreath makeover until December.

Bowls of Dark Red Apples

Want your home to mirror the traditional  “Snow White & Seven Dwarves” story for Halloween? Invoke Snow White’s “poison red apple” by filling crystal bowls with deep red apples and placing them on fireplace mantles and tables throughout the house.

Also, apples are delicious and reminiscent of Fall so this simple home décor idea is decadent and lasts beyond Halloween.

Seasonal Decorating Ideas for Christmas

seasonal decorating ideas stylish interior of living room with decorated Christmas tree

Don’t listen to the scrooges—it’s NEVER too early to ponder some seasonal decorating ideas for your home for Christmas!

We suggest tastefully decorating your home for the holidays with chic wreaths, gilded tree ornaments, preppy stockings, and more.

String Lights and Greenery

When it comes to decorating the front of a house for the holidays, we absolutely love the idea of wrapping Christmas lights around all the columns of a stately home’s front porch.

However, the dark green wires often distract from the elegant twinkle that we desire. Disguise those unsightly wires from string lights by winding them around a column or post with Christmas greenery or garland. Personalize the garland by attaching professionally spray-painted pinecones and metallic ornaments with a fishing line.

Finally, set out a dainty metallic jar of ornamental kale at the base. For an additional pop of colour, a potted Poinsettia also looks great.

Metallic Tones

Lovers of neutral décor will love this metallic take on holiday decorating. Elegant, yet far from overwhelming, this metallic Christmas tree theme is perfectly understated yet fancy enough for even a formal holiday gathering.

Create an opulent feel without overwhelming the space by decorating your Christmas tree with sophisticated metallic shades. The limited colour scheme of silver, gold, and bronze is both classy and timeless.

Minimal pops of green and red bring festive Christmas cheer, while the dominant colours of silver and gold make the tree sparkle with subtle yet eye-catching flair.

Choose icicle-style lights to emulate diamonds but try not to overwhelm your tree with glittery ornaments; this completed look evokes class without being gaudy.

Decorate with Colors That Match Your Décor for the Christmas Season

Just because large department stores seem to explode in bright reds and greens during the Christmas season, this does not mean that you have to completely hide your house’s existing décor when decorating for the holidays.

Instead, plan your Christmas decorations so that the décor works with, rather than hides, your existing décor. Even if it means using unexpected colours, like cream and beige, a room with well-incorporated decorations looks classy and sophisticated.

Have white or ivory walls? Accents in shades of gold and silver blend seamlessly with soft white-and-ivory colour schemes and can play off the tones of any metallic accessories in your home.

Design Event: Dressing Your Home for the Holidays

Looking for more seasonal decorating ideas that you can put to the test?

Join Team Logue for a fun evening of holiday design demos on November 6th, 2019 from 6:30 to 8:00 PM. This design event will be held at 2180 Itabashi Way in Burlington, Ontario.

At this event, you will learn about:

  1. How to build a festive urn
  2. Table setting ideas
  3. Tips for decorating your entranceway
  4. Holiday mantle & centrepiece creations

You will also have an opportunity to win some amazing door prizes, drink delicious wines, and indulge in some scrumptious hors d’oeuvres! To RSVP to this exciting fun, click here.

How Are Seasonal Decorating Ideas Relevant to Real Estate?

If you’re not happy with your current living situation, it doesn’t matter how seasonally festive you dress up your home—you won’t feel satisfied. Don’t put your happiness off any longer and connect with one of Team Logue’s real estate agents to find your perfect Burlington home.

And, if you’re already looking for your future home, seasonal decorating ideas are still relevant to real estate; being able to envision how your home could look during Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas and all other seasons and holidays can help you find the home you feel best in, all year round.

Looking through Oakville homes and Burlington homes and have yet to find your dream space? Contact Team Logue today and we’ll be happy to help!