Sell Your Burlington Real Estate With Design & Home Staging


Making a lasting impression with your Burlington real estate listing will increase the price of your home and decrease the amount of time your home spends on the market. Home staging is the best way to get results, enhance your home’s best features and increase your home valuation. 62% of sellers’ agents agree that professional staging is essential for selling your home quickly.

Professional home staging will help potential home buyers envision themselves living in the space and make each room look bigger, brighter, and more welcoming.

Our Team Logue real estate agents have curated a list of why home staging is the ultimate way to enhance your Burlington real estate listing.

Burlington Real Estate: A Buyers Market

Burlington is an exceptional place to purchase a home because it is a quiet, yet thriving community that offers a high standard of living. It’s an excellent long-term investment as it perfectly balances a small town feel with big city amenities and shows great promise of continued growth.

Burlington offers unparalleled value, world-class amenities and a genuine sense of community. It’s home to million dollar views of Lake Ontario, stunning lakeside paths, beautiful homes and residents that are committed to maintaining safe, thriving and welcoming neighbourhoods.

The financial benefits of homeownership are long term, so choosing the right community is essential. Burlington offers a variety of homes to suit home buyers individual lifestyle and needs. It offers everything from family-friendly neighbourhoods and luxurious lakefront homes, to convenient condo buildings.

Since Burlington is a highly desirable place to live, Burlington real estate agents will show your home on the same day as several other homes. Standing out and creating a memorable and inviting atmosphere will help you attract higher bids and more buyers. In fact, 77% of buyers’ agents agree that staging a home makes it easier for potential buyers to visualize the property as their future home, which is key to its success.

Home Staging: Preparing Your Burlington Real Estate

Burlington offers residents some of the most amazing views in Canada, so it’s in your best interest to begin with the exterior of your home. When you’re preparing to put your home on the Burlington Real Estate market, start with the exterior. Great outdoor designs will peak potential buyers interest in viewing the interior of your home.

Setting up the mood by leading home buyers into your home with a clear walkway is an excellent way to create a welcoming atmosphere before they even step into your home. But that doesn’t mean you have to undertake major home renovation projects in order to sell your home for top dollar.

Increase the perceived value of your home by a great margin and make the perfect first impression with a few simple home staging tips. All Burlington real estate agents strive to create an atmosphere that encourages buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

Great home staging is critical to selling success. Demonstrating that every space, room and inch of your home is usable space will attract more home buyers and increase your home valuation.

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Home Staging with your Top Burlington Real Estate Agent

At Team Logue Real Estate, Natalie, our Accredited Staging Professional, and our team offer experience and resources to ensure your home staging is done professionally and quickly.

With our experience and knowledge of the Burlington real estate market, we have the expertise to view your home through the perspective of a buyer. As a result, Team Logue will clearly define each room and stage it to sell to a wider audience.

We have in-house staging services, furniture and décor pieces available to our sellers at no charge. Our process includes a full property assessment, that includes both the interior and exterior. Based on our assessment, we provide an individualized action plan with recommendations and suggestions to ensure the best return on your investment.

Our complete home staging management includes furniture, artwork and accessories selection, placement or removal. We also provide decluttering or cleaning arrangements and lighting analysis.

Most people purchase a home based on emotion. At Team Logue, we will transform your home to appeal to the widest range of buyers, accentuating the best features of your home while minimizing the unfavourable ones. We will customize our home staging to make a lasting impression from the moment they step foot inside or see your listing online until the moment they make their offer!

Natalie will show you how to effectively prepare your home for sale, increasing the number of potential buyers and ultimately having your home sold quickly and for top dollar!

Selling your home in the near future? Contact Team Logue Real Estate to partner with a team that has the expertise to maximize your Burlington real estate listing with expert home staging.