Making Decisions as a Family: Transitioning to Retirement Living

Elderly woman with adult daughter

Are you finding it difficult to manage the process of transitioning to retirement living with your parents? They cared for us and now it’s time for us to do the same for them, but many families struggle with the challenges of navigating the conversation in a way that is both loving and respectful.

You are not alone, there are many common scenarios including:

  1. Mom wants to make the move, but Dad doesn’t. How can I facilitate a conversation so that my parents can hear both sides? Dad shuts down the conversation before it begins.
  2. Mom was on-board to move when she was admitted to hospital. Now that she has gone through rehab and feels she has “recovered” she thinks she is fine to live on her own. My siblings and I are concerned for her safety. What should we do?
  3. I live closest to mom and am noticing that she is requiring more help. My siblings live out of town and see my mom once a year. They don’t think it is time for us to start looking. How do I get them on-board?
  4. My mom has family and neighbours helping with basic daily needs: shopping, garden work, minor repairs, meals, laundry. It’s all getting done by the kindness of others. Therefore, she feels she can manage in her house. How do I explain to her that she’s not able to care for herself at home?
  5. My mom does not want to spend money to move into a community, she is financially able to afford a retirement community and her adult children do not need an inheritance. We would rather see our mom have more of a lifestyle with friends and opportunities.  How do we help her see this would be better for her?

Join us for a live, online presentation and Q&A with Dr. Kristen Kaploun on March 10th, 2021 at 2:15pm

Dr. Kaploun is a neuropsychologist and clinical psychologist specializing in seniors. She is one of the only clinicians specializing in this field.

The session will be 30-45 minutes via zoom. Dr. Kaploun will lead us in a productive discussion around how to speak to your aging parents in a manner that’s receptive to Senior’s mental health and provide an overview on how to actively engage mom and dad in this decision making process.

RSVP using the form below and we will send you the Zoom link to join online via email.

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Dr. Kristen Kaploun
Neuropsychologist and Clinical Psychologist

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