Cooking With Team Logue – Kristen’s Chicken Enchiladas

(Video Transcription)

Hi this is Kristen from Team Louge and I’m going to be your host for tonight’s dinner.

Tonight we’re gonna make one of my family’s favorite, chicken enchiladas. So let’s get started!

So the first thing we’re gonna do here is make enchilada sauce. So basically there we go, I’m gonna pour 1/4 cup of vegetable oil into the pot, I’m gonna do that I’m going to add equal parts so 1/4 cup of flour and effectively we’re making like a roux just to thicken our sauce just to give it a little bit more oomf and to stick to our enchiladas as we go.

So just as this heats up I’m going to stir it together let it get all combined so that’s all consistent. Okay so to that I’m gonna add some strain crushed tomatoes I like these I think they’re called Posada they seem to be nice and smooth so they work out well. So we’re gonna add that now I’m gonna go ahead spice this up a little bit.

So I pre measured out some of my ingredients, I’m gonna add about three tablespoons of chili powder to give it that nice Mexican flavor and then we’re looking at a teaspoon of cumin I have one teaspoon each of garlic powder and onion powder and then about one and a half teaspoons of oregano just so that the tomatoes are not super tart we’re gonna put in about a tablespoon of brown sugar and of course  that’s sort of all our spices are in there stir it up it’s sort of that nice dark rich brownie or color because of the chili powder.

So I’m just gonna turn that down to sort of medium-low pop the lid on it. Okay we’re back and it’s time to start assembling our enchiladas so our sauce has cooked down a little bit and come together and is a little bit thicker. Earlier today I just cooked up some boneless skinless chicken breasts just put them in the oven with a little bit of chicken broth and some garlic and salt and pepper and cook those at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes.

You can buy a grocery store chicken and just shred that out if you’re pressed for time and use that or even those packages of like chicken that already comes to cook to prepare you can do that as well. I think this was like four chicken breasts and I’ll feed my family of six.

So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to take about half of the sauce that we made and I’m going to add this into the chicken and I’m gonna save the rest is gonna be our topping maybe even more like two thirds.

Now this is the basic you know filling along with cheese what I will do is I’ll make a couple like this and then I’m gonna add a little bit of spice because we have people in our family and they like a little bit spicier and some that are super sensitive to spice and sort out a little bit so make a few and then and we’re just gonna get that mixed into the meat. That’s mixed up now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start assembling so we just have your basic tortilla shell there was a little trick to this that I’ve learned over the years when I first started making these I would actually have a really hot pan of oil on the stove and I would blast the tortillas really quickly so that they would get a little soaked into them but not too much and that way they don’t dry out when they’re in the oven because obviously bread in a hot oven will get really crispy and we don’t want crispy we want nice and sort of soft and chewy.

I’ve learned to cheat over the years with cooking spray. So all I do is I give it a little blast both sides softens it up a bit then I’m gonna take my meat, I’m gonna kind of eyeball it as I said I think I did four chicken breasts it’s gonna end up making eight to ten we have our good old shredded Mexican cheese I’m gonna put mine on spicy ones into a pan I got a little spray my pan so I’ll probably do three or four for the kids that don’t like spice and then what I’m gonna do after that is I’m going to go ahead and I’m going to add some crushed red pepper flakes probably about one to two teaspoons depending on how spicy you want it and then I also have some cut-up jalapeno peppers I’ll put it in there add that and then I’ll keep assembling and I’ll show you the next step when that’s all done.

Okay here we are so we’ve rolled up all our enchiladas and now we’re going to put the finishing touches on them before they go into the we’re simply going to smother some of this sauce on the top these are my non-spicy babies for the spicy children let’s throw a little bit more cheese okay then these beauties are gonna go into an oven that was preheated to 350 degrees just for about 30 minutes. Really everything’s cooked in it the chicken was precooked so we just want to warm that up melt all the cheese make it gooey goodness and then we’ll come back into serve dinner.

Okay so here we are it is dinnertime at the house, we really need to like have a better name for our family or something but anyways here we are we have our chicken enchiladas spicy and not spicy we’ve paired it with some Spanish rice a little bit of the salad some fresh avocado and then cucumbers and carrots and stuff for the people that are maybe a little bit picky. Some of these people in the background anyways thank you very much for watching this, I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy and stay home stay safe.

Bye bye.