Cooking With Team Logue – Joannie’s Lemon Whip Dessert

(Video Transcription)

Welcome to Cooking with Team Logue. Our marketing manager came up with a great idea for each of us to pick something that we love to do and my mom was an amazing baker and she’s kind of passed a little bit of that on to me and I’m going to make a lemon whipped dessert for you today. It’s very very easy and I pulled out my trusty cookbook that my stepmother started for me when I got married many many moons ago and she gave me an amazing recipe called lemon whip dessert.

So three parts to this super super easy recipe. The first part is to prepare the lemon so that you can let it cool when you get over to the stove. The first thing you’re gonna do is pre-heat your oven to 350 and then we’re gonna start our lemon so we can let it cool before we put it all together. So we have two egg yolks in here we slightly heat, we add 1/3 cup of cold water, we get this all going, we mix it up a little bit then we add our package of lemon pie filling. Mix that in until it’s smooth. I use a little whisk all the time so there’s no lumps. The stove is not on yet we’re still mixing it up, we add once this is all stirred up we have 2 cups of hot water stir it in. Once it’s all stirred together we can put the heat on medium high. I cook with gas so it doesn’t take as long but with just an electric stove it’s going to take a little bit longer to come to a boil. So let’s get her on medium high and you have to constantly stir so this won’t take too long just a few minutes.

So we’ll just wait for it to come to a boil. Once it boils we let it boil for 30 more seconds and then turn the heat off and add our butter. Set it aside to cool and then we go on to step 2.

It is our base for our pan and so first of all 3/4 cup margarine or butter. I use butter salted and just a little tip that there is a tool on the butter that you can use my mom used it and I use it and it’s never failed me so just a little tip to use so 3/4 cup butter. 1 and 1/2 cup flour and another little tip when you do your flour which I learned a long time ago in 4h is pile your flour on and take a knife and bang it well enough. Add 2 tablespoons of white sugar I always use and this base is a shortbread just a little sweeter so I’m gonna add a bit more sugar.

Take a pastry blender and this another little tool that my mama passed on to me and you start to blend all this together and it does take a little bit of work if anybody’s made your shortbread before you’ll know and then just slowly get this together and I’ll show you what the consistency needs to look like in a few minutes once I get it there. This is the consistency you want so you want to be able to grab it and it squeezes together and forms. This is the fun part of the kids might like this.

So another thing when your baking you want to make sure that your surfaces are all clean. I’m just about there just want to make sure I get right to the corners it moves around really easy because of the butter in it just squeeze it together and so you don’t have any holes and you’ll feel where it’s a little higher and you can push it around and then when this is done we’re just gonna pop it into the oven for about eight to twelve minutes depending on how hot your oven is. I will show you what it looks like.

Step three of this lemon whipped dessert calls for taking one cream cheese and one cup of icing sugar, and one tub of Cool Whip put it all together it actually only calls for 3/4 tub but I use the full tub.

Once it’s it’s all whipped together and your crust is cool we can start putting together but the lemon has to be cooled and so this just has to be whipped together. Doesn’t have to be cold or anything can we put it in the fridge to put it together the next day basically. That’s it now we can start to put things together so here we are at the final stage of putting everything together and I wanted to show you what my shortbread looks like so it’s pretty still kind of creamy looking but just around the edges you’ll see a light brown and that’s when you know it’s it’s ready to come out the oven.

When you get to like 9 or 10 minutes and it’s not it’s not looking like that way just pop it in for another minute extend your timer for another minute or two and then you can take it so this is lemon cooled, I did whisk it just to loosen it up again because it does  harden up a bit while it’s cooling, Ready to go so we have our mixture of the cream cheese icing sugar and Cool Whip so that goes on first. Just cover all your shortbread up and then the final is our last tub of Cool Whip and just spread that on top just right to the edge.

Then take a fresh lemon wash it and then just put some zest on top and that’s it!

Lemon whipped dessert.