Design Trends for 2021

home design trends 2021
Although I don’t think any of us are sad to see 2020 go, one positive factor that came from such a crazy year is a refocus on family, home and the things that truly matter to us. Whether you plan a move to a new home or renovate your current home, you are likely wondering what the present and the future design trends will be. As with many designs and fashion trends, they typically start at the top of the market and work their way down to the mainstream. Some of these trends may not be evidenced in your everyday life or everyday box-store for a little while yet, so consider yourself at the forefront of what will be desired in the near future.


Colour Trends

If you haven’t renovated your home since the ’90s, you may be in luck! Pure whites give way to warm tones in 2021, and green is all the rage in everything from live plants to cabinetry to living room walls. The trendsetting community is bored with neutrals and has collectively decided we all need to have a little more fun. Bold colours (think pink, green and blue) and playful patterns will continue to liven up our rooms as fresh traditional florals weave their way into our fabrics and wallpapers.



Although the open concept home has had an excellent run in the home design market, the pandemic has taught us that sometimes a little bit of separation and privacy goes a long way. This change may be slow coming, but designers predict we will see fewer open-concept spaces in the coming years. If your home is already open concept, you might be looking to add some division of space this year, instead of the opposite reno trend of opening up. Room dividers, partition walls, and doors are easy additions to close off a mess or create a physical separation.



Say goodbye to austere, minimalist rooms and mid-century modern mania. We are all looking for comfort these days, and that craving is spilling into the design world. There’s a “new-traditional” style emerging that is warmly described as the grandmother’s house’s comforts. Think bright cushions, warm colours and plush seating. Within this longing for reassurance are a renewed respect for the past and a long-overdue desire for quality over quantity. Well-made furniture, heirlooms, and locally crafted objets d’art will receive the attention they deserve as we move away from cheap box stores and e-commerce giants towards things that make us feel good and are made to last.

Designed and renovated by Lee-Ann Santos
Designed and renovated by Lee-Ann Santos


I have one word for you; curves. And you will find them in all the right places. From sofas to tables to interior archways, it seems we have had our fill of severe lines and harsh edges and are ready to embrace a more buxom aesthetic. The design community is notably favouring playful shapes and a decidedly mature artistic feel that is more art-deco than boho. Get ready for pill-shaped ottomans and down-filled seating.

2021 Home Design Trends

Whether you are excited about the coming trends or still a little hesitant, I encourage you to take it all with a grain of salt. Leverage your accessories as an easy way to play with your decor, and plan a trip to your parent’s attic to find hidden gems that might surprise you when styled in a modern space. If you’re still confused about the style, I’ve coined the look “Casual Bridgerton,” which might help. And if there is one thing we know in the design community, it’s that you can’t go wrong with anything classic.

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home design trends 2021

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