Starbucks with Sarah – Fairhome Interiors

(Video Transcription)

Sarah Logue here. I’m enjoying my Starbucks at Fairhome Interiors a fabulous design house that can take you from top to bottom little project, all the way to the great big project.

Tori thanks so much for having us today. I love Fairhome, Fairhome’s all over my home. I use it in every shape that I can possibly. We love our Dash & Albert line that you constantly bring to our house, so thank you for that. I don’t know if people really understand everything that Fairhome offers, I think it’s you know, people walk in and think they can buy their cute mug or their fun card, but you guys are full decorators. Give me a little bit about the store.

So we are full decorators we do interiors we do everything from your bedroom to your help with finishings and kitchen. Some of our favourite lines to use are Dash & Albert rugs and Pinecone Hill beddings, one of our lines, but we have six lines of bedding, we also do custom beddings. What makes us different from a lot of interior houses in Burlington is that we have our own custom work room. All our custom lines are done in-house and really take you through every process from beginning to end. From the fabric choices all the way to install, it’s all done by us so we have full control on what you’re getting.

So if I see something cool in a magazine and I say, ‘Tori I want . this stripe fabric on the top and I want this floral underneath’ you guys can produce it?


That’s amazing!

And our upholster too, you know everything is custom. It’s nice to know that you can come to such a small shop but you have such a large reach. Your design choices are amazing. Your expertise is amazing. Everyone I’ve ever dealt with in-house is fabulous to work with. You guys come right to my house, you pull things and you give me such great ideas and I love watching you with your clients because you’re not just putting your style, you always use a little bit of that person’s personality and pull it back into their house so well. That’s the most important thing, is that we’re decorating for you and not decorating for us.


We look at your style, we talk to you for a long time, we get to know you and your spouse if that’s part of the equation and we decorate to you, so your house is comfortable. It doesn’t have to be a show home. It has to be your home.

It has to be you, it has to make you comfortable and you happy. And that’s why I love coming to Fairhome. Thank you so much, I certainly hope people will come to see you because you are fabulous at what you do. If you’re looking for a fresh take on your house, stop in and see Tori Brock at Fairhome.