Outdoor Luxury Kitchens in Oakville Luxury Real Estate

During warm summer days, it’s likely that you spend more time outside in your backyard cooking shish kabobs on the outdoor grill and spending time with friends and family.

Imagine the convenience of having your very own high-end outdoor kitchen. With your guests eating and socializing outside, the last thing you want is to miss out on the fun because you were stuck inside cooking meals, cleaning, or running back and forth to grab appliances from inside the house.

Below are some reasons why an outdoor luxury kitchen is a timeless addition to your Oakville luxury home.

grandmother and grand daughter laughing and eating in outdoor luxury kitchen

High-End Outdoor Kitchen and Entertainment Value

For the family that loves to entertain, outdoor luxury kitchens are a great option. Outdoor luxury kitchens make entertaining larger groups much easier, as all food and food prep items are in one place.

Outdoor luxury kitchens usually have an outdoor grill, a small refrigerator, a sink, seating, and tables. In the event you select a custom marble wraparound bar for your outdoor luxury kitchen you can easily chat with your guests all while comfortably enjoying the fruits of the chef’s labours.

Recessed lights and pendant fixtures complement a wraparound bar (especially a marble one) as they not only create a warm ambiance but illuminate the kitchen bar, allowing you to admire your culinary entrées when it gets dark outside.

outdoor luxury kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Designs with Pool

Spending more time outside might mean more time soaking in the sun rays in your luxury pool! Having a high-end luxury kitchen by the pool allows you to cook, serve and host, without having to leave the poolside fun and entertainment.

It is also possible to enhance your outdoor kitchen experience by investing in a ‘swim-up bar with an outdoor kitchen’ model. This way, you can feel cool as a cucumber during those hot summer days while sipping on your early morning coffee or late-night sangria.

If you’re not a “pool person” and imagined your dream outdoor luxury kitchen and home on lakefront property, we have Oakville waterfront homes for sale that you will certainly want to check out.

Luxury Kitchen Appliances and Outdoor Grill

Summertime is the season of grilling! If you’re going to have an outdoor luxury kitchen, you may as well invest in having an exquisite outdoor grill and the top kitchen appliances to go with it.

A grill that has gained popularity lately is a ceramic “dome” grill. This type of grill is known to heat more efficiently than a metal grill while enhancing the taste of the food.

You will also want to include a two-burner cooktop and wall-mounted heaters to add contemporary convenience.

If you’re wanting your outdoor luxury kitchen to have a more rustic flair, adding in an outdoor pizza oven is ideal. Also, a high-quality pizza oven typically has a hideaway for firewood right underneath it—meaning no one has to make a late-night trek out to the woodpile at the other end of the yard!

The aromas of homemade pizza and fresh air equate to a dreamy summer night. Ultimately, outdoor luxury kitchens bring homeowners the optimal summer experience.

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