Starbucks with Sarah – Landscape Design

Quarantine times taught us all the importance of making the most of our homes and outdoor space. Join Sarah Logue, RE/MAX Escarpment Team Logue Realty and Jason Anderson, Carved in Stone as they walk you through the various elements involved in Landscape Design. From gardens to 3D renderings to installing a pool or building a strucuture for outdoor entertaining, Carved in Stone can do it all.

(Video Transcription)

Welcome. Sarah Logue here with Team Logue.

I just wanted to welcome everybody as we join Jason from Carved In Stone, our landscaper who’s going to take us through some of the projects he’s been working on. Jason this is a pretty cool time to be a landscaper. One you can work outside in the freedom away from people and two it seems like all of our clients are requesting amazing backyards knowing they can’t get on a plane and vacation outside of their backyard. I feel like everyone’s asking me for pool referrals amazing landscaping referrals are you finding the same in your business?

We’ve noticed I think is that people are spending a lot more time at home and they’re kind of realizing that their backyards aren’t really up to snuff, their property isn’t really up to snuff and they’re really looking at doing stuff now knowing that they’re gonna be spending a lot more time at home.

It’s so true now we’ve had varying levels of requests from people I just wanted to make sure people understood what your company entails like there’s landscapers that just do a patio, or a deck or a little garden and then there’s landscapers that can build you a full outdoor structure with barbecue space and entertainment space. Can you handle all those levels of backyard entertaining?

For sure I mean our specialty definitely is the whole design-build process whether you’re looking for a pool, landscape lighting, stonework, concrete work, outdoor structures, outdoor fireplaces we’ve pretty much covered all of our bases we’ve got some great trades that help us with our framing and our electrical and all that but aside from that we pretty much handle everything in house.

That’s amazing so you guys can give us the whole design right. So if I look at a plain backyard like this you can transform it into my dream oasis?

Yeah for sure we work with a couple designers locally and everybody’s trying to stay on top of trends. We’re also trying to set new trends so we don’t want to be just your cookie cutter landscape project, we want to be able to give you something that nobody else has, something that when somebody comes into your backyard they’re gonna ask you, “who did the work?”

I have seen a lot of your work and I would say one of the unique things about your company is although your style is throughout all those projects you do trend set to the depending on the client and the house, I’ve seen traditional work by you, I’ve seen modern work by you, I’ve seen in-between so you do meld a little bit to the clients wishes and it’s not like this is what’s gonna work and you’re stuck to this one style, so that’s impressive.

Every every customers kind of has their own style they have their own inspiration of what they’re looking for and with the diversity of the products that we’re using now we really have the ability to cater to any style and really bring it to or customize it for the homeowner.

So anyone looking to drop in a pool an outdoor entertainment space an outdoor barbecuing space or just a simple deck and patio they can reach out to you and get a design done for that.

Exactly yeah they can reach out to us. We’ll get back to them in a in a timely manner, we’ll set them up and we’ll be able to provide them with 2d rendering 3d renderings and basically take it from there.

Amazing. Thank you. So cool can’t wait to see your next project.

Thank you.