Luxury Home Office Ideas for Burlington and Oakville Homes

luxury home office ideas team logue Spacious Masculine home office design with walnut veneer fireplace and oversized windows.Fall is now upon us and you may have found yourself googling the Internet for luxury home office ideas. Not only does Fall signify the beginning of pumpkin spice lattes, cooler weather and wearing earthier tones, but it also signifies the onset of creativity.

Now that the kids are back in school, the quiet atmosphere provides you with ample opportunity to get those creative juices going both personally and professionally. This is assuming you don’t have a 9-5 job in an office building; if you do, you may still be interested in having your own luxury home office space to finish those precarious work assignments that you just can’t squeeze in before 5 P.M, or, may even want an office space prepped in case you ever do decide to work from home (if that option is available to you).

Why Should I Consider Luxury Home Office Ideas?

Having an inspiring workspace can increase productivity and help you generate more (and better) ideas. And, what better way to kickstart the Fall season with a clean, stylish and peaceful luxury office space.

If you’re looking for Burlington luxury homes or Oakville luxury homes to buy, or plan on selling your home, you may feel that researching luxury home office ideas isn’t a good use of time.

However, there is value in this.

Luxury Home Offices Have Value for the Buyer and the Seller

If you’re looking to buy luxury real estate in Burlington or Oakville, having an idea of what your future dream office space will look like, is extremely valuable; if working from home is of great importance to you, these considerations can help you answer the question, “do I really want to live here?”. In other words, looking at a luxury home that offers no potential for your very own luxury home office could be a deal-breaker.

On the other hand, if you plan on selling your luxury home, adding an office space or turning one of your rooms into an office space can add resale value to your home. It can also help buyers envision what they want in an office, therefore making your luxury home more appealing.

In either situation, it’s important to use your imagination to explore the potential of the home you’re selling, or, the home you plan on buying.

luxury home office ideas team logue Cherry pink chair at desk with desktop in dark home office with posters on concrete wallLuxury Home Office Ideas: Tips to Consider

With the rise of remote professions and the ensuing popularity of the live/workspace, luxury home buyers have a new set of expectations – and challenges – when shopping the market.

Your luxury home office should be a space of productivity and yet a space that is stylish and visually pleasing. A home office has to be private and personalized enough to accommodate this dual-purpose so that you can pivot from on-duty to off-the-clock with ease. Keep reading for some tips to help you generate some luxury home office ideas.

Create a Space with Few Distractions

Having your own luxury home office should offer the dual benefits of a separate space apart from the distractions of the household while allowing you to work in a familiar, self-conceived haven. This way, you get the best of both worlds, and with the many design options at your fingertips, you can perform at your best level while skipping the morning rush altogether.

However, getting side-tracked by house chores (i.e: washing laundry) and amenities (i.e: T.V) is a common concern for those who ponder creating a luxury home office. If this concern resonates with you, consider putting your home office in a loft space above your garage or in a room on the top floor of your luxury home (ideally, with lots of windows and good lighting). This can make for a sophisticated home office secluded from domestic distractions.

Set aside time for chores and “you” time (which may include watching your favourite show on Netflix, working on a hobby, exercising, etc.) just before your kids and partner arrive home; until then, you can focus on your work in the comfort of your very own luxury home office.

Create a Space That’s Simple

A loft, or den-like setting is a popular set up for a luxury home office. With light-coloured walls and big windows, lofts and den-like rooms are perfect for entrepreneurs who take productivity seriously.

The wide-open space of a loft or den combined with the simplicity of lightly painted walls and large windows encourage clear-thinking. Working in a simple, light and open space falls under feng shui and wabi-sabi modalities; both are founded on the principle that environment can greatly influence the way we think and feel. There are other feng shui and wabi-sabi principles that also prompt clarity and other positive working habits. To learn more (and to garner some luxury home office ideas that incorporate these traditional Japanese philosophies), read Tips for Good Work and Office Feng Shui as well as 5 Tips for Creating a Wabi-Sabi Home.

Create a Space Where You Feel Inspired to Work

Lofts and den-like areas are particularly ideal for creatives. A larger area can offer up space for additional items such as inspirational pieces (i.e: art, books, etc.), bookshelves, an espresso machine, chalkboards, whiteboards and whatever else you need to spark creativity.

Some homeowners may even choose to add a spin bike or yoga mat to their spacious luxury home office; if a shot of espresso isn’t enough, sometimes moving around and getting the blood flowing can increase focus and lessen fatigue.

If your work has storage requirements, is noisy or involves the use of tools or equipment, using the garage or basement could be better suited to meet your luxury home office needs.

luxury home office ideas Scandinavian workplace. Laptop and florariums with succulent plantsDesign Ideas for Luxury Home Offices

There are a number of ways to style your luxury home office and at the same time, express your personality.

Simplistically chic or cozy and comfortable, your workspace should reflect who you are and the business you’ve dedicated yourself to.

Perhaps you’re drawn to the Milano-style studio, or prefer a more informal abode to go about your daily tasks; whichever you choose, the beauty of the self-designed home office–and what sets it apart from the 9-5 outside establishment–is that you can genuinely look forward to “going to work” every morning.

Big or Small—It Doesn’t Matter

Having a larger space (i.e: a loft) allows you the freedom to situate your desk, computer and filing cabinets however you like and as mentioned previously, offers you the opportunity to add personal pieces to your office space—those of which can encourage creativity and productivity.

However, if you have a small space for your luxury home office, this doesn’t limit your ability to pick an office design that reflects your personality and creativity.

Below are some different ways you can style and design your luxury home office regardless of what size it is.


Increase your productivity by reducing distractions in a minimalist home office. A few key pieces in neutral tones are all that is needed to furnish a functional, attractive office. With the exception of your laptop and a succulent, keep your walnut desk clutter-free and keep any items you may need in a drawer nearby.


If minimalism isn’t your style, you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum with a glam Bjork-inspired home office. Use black patterned wallpaper to contrast any white ceiling and trim, while incorporating warm metallic pieces (lights, chairs, fixtures) to impart a sense of glam to the room.

Modern with a View

For a lighter but still modern vibe, make the windows the focal point of the space. Incorporate fixed windows or bay windows for an elegant style that brings the best light into the room. With large windows, you can draw inspiration from outdoors views to influence your work. Natural sunlight is also excellent for your mental clarity, especially while working.

Marble, creams and whites are other components that complete the modern look.


For a more timeless home office, you can choose to decorate using traditional pieces and finishes. A mixture of Ornate mouldings and leather and wooden furniture are crucial to any traditional space. Include a bookshelf and vintage lamps to create the cozy feel that a traditional office typically has.

Shabby Chic

For a luxury shabby chic office, include colours such as whites, grey, teal, mint and many different shades of pink. Refurbished and white-washed wooden desks, fluffy throw pillows, and vintage lights (i.e: chandeliers) & picture frames are typically must-have shabby chic items.

Primary Misconception About Luxury Home Offices: A Less Professional Environment

A home office doesn’t necessarily mean a less professional environment–quite the opposite, in fact. Working from home requires self-discipline and a keen ability to manage one’s time accordingly. If you’re still uncertain about luxury home office ideas, connect with your local luxury real estate specialist to discuss further.

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