Luxury Real Estate Trends in 2019

While navigating the real estate market as either a home buyer and/or seller, you may ask yourself: What qualities of my current or future home will increase the property value? What home features will ensure I am ultimately satisfied with my real estate purchase? What décor will be helpful in home staging for potential home buyers?

Team Logue has the answers to all these questions since we understand the importance of aesthetics when it comes to buying and selling your home in Oakville & Burlington, Ontario. Our real estate representatives are not only up to date about the latest marketing trends but are also familiar with the most sought-after home features for luxury homes. This knowledge is crucial to your success as a home buyer & seller.

Below are some luxury real estate trends of 2019 that you may want to be mindful of in the home buying or selling process.

Bedroom design | Team Logue
Guest Suite

Buyers of luxury homes want the flexibility that a guest suite can offer. A guest suite can be used conveniently for friends and family to have a place to stay when visiting. Not only does a guest suite ensure privacy for both the homeowner and visitors (when the guest suite is being used) but can easily be converted into an area for an office, a gym, a yoga studio, or utilized for a special occasion. It can also be used for a live-in nanny or for any other sort of staff personnel.

Home staging | Team Logue
Blush Tones

Blush, a.k.a. ‘Millienial Pink’ was trendy in fashion in 2018, but is now making its way into homes as a flattering hue on walls and upholstery, that ultimately has a relaxing effect. Splashes of blush in the home create a pleasant ambiance for guests, and when combined with velvet furniture, has a particularly timeless quality.

Kitchen decoration | Team Logue
Natural Materials

Adding natural elements to your urban abode will create a welcoming and warm atmosphere for family and friends — it’s one of the more distinctive luxury real estate trends. Metals such as copper, brass, and stone, as well as home accents that contain earthy tones, ultimately cast a glow throughout the home, especially when incorporated into the kitchen and living room area.

Home light fixtures | Team Logue
Artisanal Fixtures

Like natural materials, artisanal fixtures will better personalize your home, as they’ll help shift the eye’s focus around the room to create a comforting and inviting feel. Especially when hand-crafted and made of mixed metals, these sorts of fixtures are eye-catching and can be a conversational piece for guests.

Backyard design | Team Logue

Although purchasing a luxury home in Oakville typically entails living in an urban area where there are many young families living, privacy is still attainable. Using trimmed hedges, elegant looking fixtures, and vibrantly-colored flower beds are a must, as they create a natural-looking barrier between properties, while providing some privacy to homeowners.

Home security | Team Logue

It is important for luxury homes to be secure. Luckily, with modern technology, video surveillance can be controlled from any electronic device, including your phone. Some people even have their closet smart-locked so that valuable items such as expensive jewelry, watches, purses and other sentiments, are digitally secured. Security features are a small investment that can make a big difference for prospective buyers.

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