Outdoor Kitchen Designs That Will Take Your Backyard to the Next Level

With the warmer summer months quickly approaching, more and more people are going to be going outdoors to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This also means that outdoor entertaining is within reach, which might have some people considering revamping their outdoor space to maximize its livability. If you aren’t content with a simple barbecue and patio set, it might be worth considering upgrading to an outdoor kitchen. Whether you are looking to create a space for the whole family to enjoy, or to create the perfect atmosphere for hosting friends, an outdoor kitchen is a fantastic way to maximize your outdoor space and enjoy the outdoors.

We’ve put together a list of a few outdoor kitchen designs and ideas that will hopefully spark some inspiration and help you envision the outdoor kitchen of your dreams!

Rustic outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Kitchens: Keep It Natural

If you’re wanting to create an outdoor kitchen space that makes a statement, integrating natural elements into the design is a great way to do so. Consider adding stone elements that tie into the exterior of your home and utilizing wood cabinets to add a more natural feel to the space. A granite countertop will be the perfect prep surface for any barbecuing or bartending you’ll be doing while entertaining friends and family. Adding natural elements to your outdoor kitchen is also a great way to make the space feel cozy and rustic, making it the perfect hang-out spot for enjoying some drinks and playing backyard lawn games.

Friends enjoying pizza cooked in an outdoor pizza oven

Pizza Party

While a typical outdoor kitchen often revolves around a grill, some people like to opt for something a bit more unique. Adding a wood-fired pizza oven to their outdoor kitchen is not only a great conversation starter, but it provides a fantastic opportunity for guests to get involved in the cooking process. Pick up some ingredients and fresh pizza dough, and let your friends and family build their own pizzas before enjoying them with a drink on the patio.

Outdoor kitchen with sink and barbecue

Keep It Chill

No outdoor gathering is complete without some cold drinks, so why not integrate a multi-purpose fridge into your outdoor kitchen? This will save you from having to make trips back and forth to the kitchen and will allow your guests to easily find whatever they are looking for! A bar fridge is also great for storing prepped food items until you’re ready to barbecue, which will save you from having to juggle armloads of bowls and dishes back and forth from the house.

Beautiful covered outdoor kitchen

Add A Big Screen

If you’re looking for the best way to take advantage of those long, warm summer evenings, adding a television to your outdoor kitchen space is worth considering. After an evening of grilling, you and your friends can settle around the TV with some drinks to enjoy the game or use it to stream music to keep the party going long into the night.

While an outdoor kitchen might not be high on everyone’s priority list, it can be a great way to maximize your outdoor space if you love to entertain and spend time outdoors. It allows you to bring the indoors outside and is a great space to gather with friends and family for great conversation and even better food.



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