Top Tips for Seniors Looking to Downsize  

Everyone will go through the downsizing process at some point in their lives, whether it be because they are moving to a city, their kids have moved out, they’re going through a divorce or breakup, are aging, or simply want a change in lifestyle. Many families move into a larger home when their children are young so they have enough room for their family to grow, but once those children have grown up and moved away, many people are left with a home that is much larger than they need. Many seniors find themselves looking to downsize to a smaller home or condo, both to help with the overall cost of living, but also because they simply don’t need as much space as they once did.

Downsizing can be both stressful and time-consuming, so in this blog post, we will highlight a few tips to help make the downsizing process as painless and easy as possible.

Senior couple packing boxes to downsize

Downsizing Tips: Start Small

Packing for a move is stressful as it is but adding in the factor of having to downsize on top of moving can be overwhelming. As downsizing seniors make the move to a smaller home, they will likely have to part ways with a number of their belongings to ensure that they won’t be cluttering their new space. This can be a challenging and emotional process to tackle, so one of the best tips we can provide is to start small.

Opting to begin packing items that carry very little sentimental attachment, such as a linen closet or laundry room. When packing, especially for seniors who are downsizing, make sure you take their new living arrangements into consideration. If they’re making the move into a two-bedroom apartment, a few sets of sheets will be sufficient while the rest can go.

Senior couple labelling moving boxes

Declutter Before Downsizing

There is no question that moving is a time-consuming process, but there are some ways to save both time and effort when it comes to downsizing. Chances are there are going to be items that will eventually be donated or sold, so try to do as much decluttering before your move as possible. Rather than pack all your belongings and sort through what you’ll donate and keep in your new space, try to do as much decluttering before the move as possible. Not only will this help save time when it comes to packing, but it will also save you from having to move a bunch of unnecessary items to your new place.

Senior couple packing moving boxes

Disperse or Store Sentimental Keepsakes

Figuring out what to do with sentimental keepsakes is arguably one of the hardest parts of downsizing, especially when moving into a place where you will no longer have room for all the personal belongings you’ve collected over your lifetime. The good news is that there are lots of ways you can deal with special items without having to get rid of them entirely.

The first step in the process is to declutter. Once you have gotten rid of anything that doesn’t hold any sentimental attachment, you can move on to determining which items you want to keep, and which items might be better off going to a new home. Donating items doesn’t mean that you never have to see them again. Family members are a great place to start when beginning the downsizing process, as they may have more room and a need for certain items. Another great way to downsize your personal or sentimental items is to document them through photos. Taking photos and taking notes about specific items can help document their significance so they won’t be forgotten.

Professional movers helping seniors move

Enlist The Help of Professionals

One of the biggest pieces of advice for seniors looking to downsize is to enlist the help of a moving company. Friends and family are often more than willing to help with the move, but sometimes it is just easier to pass the heavy lifting off to the professionals. Hiring a moving company will help take some of the stress out of moving day, as you won’t have to worry about carrying boxes or heavy furniture. Being professionals, they handle the moving process daily and have learned the ins and outs of the process, and they’ll help make sure your belongings make it to your new home safely. Hiring a professional cleaning company can also be extremely useful, as they can help look after cleaning your old home while you work on getting the new one set up.

While the downsizing process can be emotional and stressful, taking the time to tackle some of these tips before the moving process begins can be a huge help. Not only will it help take some of the stress out of the moving day itself, but it will also allow you to get an idea of exactly what you’ll be taking with you to your new, smaller space.



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