Now to Wow: Team Logue’s Virtual Renovations add value to your home

Team Logue has recently introduced NOW to WOW virtual renovations. These 3D-reality tours walk buyers through your home, virtually, using ultra-realistic imagery. The potential buyers see the home as it is – and as it could be. Sparking interest from buyers who may not have otherwise seen the potential in your property.


It’s definitely neat, but we’re excited about the added value it can bring to our clients – both buyers and sellers.

How does a virtual renovation add value to my home?

While finances come into it, the reality is that buyers make their home purchases based on emotions. How they feel in your home and what they envisage their life to look like there is what really counts when it comes to firming up a purchase price.

Virtual renovations allow potential buyers to see the potential of your home. It removes the need for imagination, so all buyers can be swept away by what the home could look like – not just those with an eye for it.

First, let’s reflect on the benefits of home staging

It’s no secret that home staging adds value to your home.

Home staging plays to the emotions of buyers. By removing traces of your personal life and sprucing up the home with appealing décor, a wide range of buyers are better able to see themselves in the home. And are therefore more likely to put in an offer.

Essentially, home staging increases interest in your property and pushes up the purchase price.

Another benefit of home staging is that it accentuates all the best features of your home and minimizes any blemishes.

Virtual renovations allow buyers to see themselves in the home, while also removing any trace of any imperfections caused by wear and tear, age, or design.

Virtually renovated kitchen showing all features Benefits of virtual renovations for sellers

Virtual renovations encourage potential buyers who might not have been interested in the property, even if it was staged.

These buyers might be looking for something at a higher price point without luck and might see the potential in your home that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Or they might prefer homes with particular styling, or décor, or colour themes.

Our virtual renovations allow them to see your home in a different light.

Virtual renovations help you sell your home quickly

Staged homes, on average, sell faster than un-staged homes.

Virtual renovations, performed by top-notch interior designers, can be provided in as little as one week. This means your property can be put forward to potential buyers quickly too.

Virtual renovations make your home appealing online

A staggering proportion of buyers are turning to online marketplaces when they start their search for their new home. To attract the right buyers, you need your home to appeal to these online home hunters. Virtual renovations allow you to do just that.


Virtual Renovation Before Photo


Home Renovation After

Benefits of virtual renovations for buyers

Buying a home is a difficult task as it is. You need to find a home that feels like a home. And that home needs to fit your budget.

For buyers, virtual renovations level the playing field between those who can imagine what a home might look like after a renovation and those who cannot. It lets you feel what the home might look like with a little TLC or a full renovation.

In the interest of complete transparency, Team Logue also provide potential buyers with three quotes from leading builders for the renovation work. So, there’s no need for you to imagine what the costs might be. It’s all there.

Create your virtual renovation

All you need to do for your virtual renovation is let us in.

We’ll use equipment to take a 3D scan of your home in its current state. These scanned images will show when potential buyers see the ‘now’ version of your home.

A talented team of designers will then update your home, virtually. The ‘wow’ version of your home can be quickly prepared and provided for your listing.

How much does a virtual renovation cost?

With Team Logue, virtual renovations are provided at no cost to you.

Get in touch to find out more about how a virtual renovation can help you sell your home.