Pros & Cons of Buying or Selling Burlington Real Estate in the Winter


Most Burlington real estate agents agree Spring and Summer are the most popular times for home sellers and home buyers to purchase Burlington real estate or place their home on the housing market. Since the Burlington real estate market is one of the most competitive housing markets in Canada, buying in the off-season will offer its own set of benefits and challenges.

Even though the market isn’t as hot during the winter, it may be the right season for your individual circumstances.

Barry and Jean, for instance, have decided to upsize their Burlington home. Barry and Jean are a young couple who purchased their first home in Burlington several years ago but have recently realized they’ve outgrown their current home. At the time, the home was perfect for their lifestyle. However, as Barry and Jean started having children, their home began to feel more cramped and the neighbourhood no longer suited their lifestyle.

Perhaps you’re in a similar situation as Barry and Jean and waiting until the Spring or Summer to move isn’t a viable option. If you’re considering listing your Burlington real estate and purchasing a new home this winter, our Burlington real estate agents at Team Logue Real Estate have a few considerations you may want to keep in mind.


Available Burlington Real Estate Agent

As a seller and a buyer, you need an experienced Burlington real estate agent to help you reach your goals. Selling during the winter poses unique challenges, as well as unique benefits. One of the greatest benefits is the personalized service from our Burlington real estate agents.

We value the time and the needs of each of our clients year-round and our Burlington real estate agents would be happy to help you find your dream home.

If you’re planning to sell or purchase a home in Burlington, hiring a reputable and professional Burlington real estate agent who takes their time to ensure you feel comfortable and secure with their knowledge and experience is key. We recognize the importance of working with a Burlington real estate agent that listens intently to your needs and wants and knows how to advise you based on the questions you ask.

Our Burlington real estate agents at Team Logue have advised numerous home buyers and home sellers throughout the home buying process. Expert Burlington real estate agents know how to adapt to the current season, will market your home to reflect the season, and will suggest tips on selling your home during the winter.

Key Reasons for Burlington Home Owners To Sell in Winter

There are more Burlington homes for sale during the spring than during the winter months. This often leads people to believe that the summer is the best time to buy or sell, but it’s not that simple. Barry and Jeans’ townhome in Burlington South may easily sell in the winter, while a summer property may have little chance of selling. It really depends on the circumstances of each deal and home. 

The three key benefits for selling your home in the winter include fewer listings on the market, which means less competition for your home, motivated buyers, and the financial benefits of selling in winter.

It’s important to consider that there are fewer Burlington homes for sale in the winter, so there will be fewer choices. With fewer houses on the Burlington real estate market, it means your home will have less competition on the market. There are typically 45-60% fewer listings in November and December when compared to spring months. 

If there are fewer Burlington homes to choose from, the number of showings and the demand for your home will increase. There is a chance that this will result in receiving an offer of the maximum amount of money for your home.

Contrastingly, selling in the spring means your home will have to compare with fiercer competition. To compete, your home may need to be renovated, you may have to list at a lower price and wait longer for sale.

Additionally, selling in the winter means you will be dealing with buyers who are serious. Many families wish to relocate before the next school semester in January. Additionally, they may be starting a new job in the new year and be looking to move closer to work. The end of the year can hold many life changes for families, such as having kids or even divorce. These changes mean these buyers are motivated to purchase before the year is over.

If you’re listing your Burlington home, the lack of competition and motivation of buyers can mean financial gains for selling in the winter.

Burlington Real Estate: Why You Should Purchase in the Winter

If you’re in a similar situation as Barry and Jean, your first home may not be in an ideal school district. Now that Barry and Jean have children, they are considering Burlington homes for sale in different neighbourhoods that they didn’t consider before having children.

If your children haven’t begun school, winter can be an ideal time to move and create a new routine and get to know the other children in the neighbourhood before they start school. However, it’s important for families with kids in school to consider the fact that changing schools mid-term can be very disrupting. If you don’t currently live in an ideal school district, the disruption will be beneficial in the long-run.

Burlington is home to a number of the most elite private schools within Canada. These schools are renowned for consistently achieving a high standard of academic success and offering endless courses and activities for students to get involved with, including French Immersion programs.

Both Burlington South and Burlington North offer a variety of safe, thriving and welcoming neighbourhoods with exceptional schools, perfect for raising children. Interested in learning more about Burlington school boundaries? Contact your Burlington real estate agent at Team Logue.

Neighbourhoods, including Pinedale, Millcroft, Orchard, Headon Forest, Tyandaga, Alton Village and Longmoor offer great family-friendly communities with various community activities and volunteer opportunities from Friday night volunteer-run community dinners to well-attended sporting and charity events.

Less Competition in the Burlington Real Estate Housing Market

One of the best reasons to consider purchasing Burlington real estate during the winter months is the limited competition. During peak seasons, Burlington homes for sale are in high demand.

Since there is less competition in the Burlington real estate housing market during winter months, you’re less likely to fall into a bidding war or worry about competitors vying for your dream home.

As a home buyer, there is a greater potential for better asking-prices. It’s not unusual for a Burlington home to sit on the market for longer during winter months, this will benefit home buyers because home sellers are more likely to accept a lower asking price from potential home buyers.

Team Logue Real Estate is dedicated to finding the perfect home for you in stunning Burlington that will exceed your expectations. 

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